I, the undersigned understand and agree with the following statement.

1. I have registered for the sport race named Wenchi Lake Trail that will take place 28th April 2018 at Wenchi Lake and I know and will comply with the race rules. I will follow the rules, and accept the Staff’s decisions on issues relating to the security of the event and all those taking part.

2. I am physically prepared for the competition. I am healthy and in general I do not suffer from an illness or injury that may be worsen during the event. I recognise that the event will take place in an isolated rural location with difficult access and this poses some risk in the unlikely event of an emergency. I fully accept liability for the risks incurred by my participation in this event.

3. I authorise the Race Medical Team to provide any necessary medical treatment to me for any injury or illness during the event. I will withdraw from the event if given such advice by the Medical Team to do so.

4. I will help protect the natural beauty of the area by only disposing of rubbish in the receptacles provided. I will drive to and from the location in a safe and cautious manner and will ensure respect for the local community.

5. I exonerate any responsibility from the organisers, collaborators, sponsors and other participants for any physical and material damage incurred during my participation. I renounce to interpose a complaint or lawsuit against them.

6. I authorise the race organisers to use any picture and recording material obtained during the event for the purposes of journalism and event promotion.